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Amvic Ireland, in conjunction with its construction and professional partners, can offer a one stop solution for building A3 certified house structures, including Ancillary Structural Certification and preliminary BER Certificate which meets all of the requirements of the building regulations for structure, thermal and acoustic performance and air tightness in one easily installed system, at a very competitive price.




Amvic ICF is certified by the British Board of Agrèment, Certificate No 10/4809.

Amvic ICF is accepted by Homebond and Premier Insurance.


Superior Strength


Amvic ICFs are designed with 64mm of super high-density foam on both sides of the form containing 8 uniquely designed polypropylene webs, spaced at 150mm centres Amvic webs are moulded using high grade material, which allows for a certified 90kg pull out strength for dry lining screws and makes the form much stronger and more rigid.

The webs also have a uniquely designed rebar holding system that reduces the need for tying steel and holds the rebar at the most effective place to ensure superior structural strength.


Construction Performance


When filled with concrete, Amvic ICF consistently performs and does not blow out. With Amvic ICF you can even use a poker vibrator to internally consolidate the concrete and ensure that the walls are properly compacted without any voids.




Amvic ICFs are lightweight, requiring little effort to lift and carry, therefore greatly reducing the health and safety implications of using this system. In addition site handling costs are dramatically reduced. Amvic ICFs are easy to cut and shape making unconventional wall shapes manageable.




Amvic ICFs are fully reversible making the assembly process quick and simple. The innovative design and manufacturing consistency means the forms virtually align themselves to create straight walls. Amvic also features the superior FormLockTM interlocking system that requires no taping, gluing or tying.


Labour savings


Amvic ICF “5 in 1” system incorporates structure, insulation vapor barrier, sound barrier and attachments for dry lining and exterior finishing all in one step, thus reducing labor requirements and construction delays. An experienced ICF team can often complete the foundation and/or walls of a typical home in a matter of days, compared to the weeks it might take conventional build systems.

Amvic’s FormLock technology ensures that there is no need to glue or tie the blocks together in the stacking process. The webs are also designed to grip any rebar so no tying is required in this step either.

Amvic ICF forms are fully reversible, so you do not have to waste time thinking about how they fit together or ensuring that the full kit of parts inherent in other building systems is on site!.

This combination of design features and manufacturing technology makes Amvic the easiest, most user friendly forms on the market and therefore greatly reduces your labour requirements.


Waste Reduction


Since the Amvic ICF system has web placement 150mm on centre, many cut-off pieces can be re-used in the build. When combined with the reversibility of the forms, dramatic reductions in site waste are achieved.

By using Amvic over competing products you will greatly reduce waste and save money.


Minimal Tools & Machinery Requirements


Amvic ICFs are lightweight, removing the need for any heavy lifting equipment. Forklifts, man and masonry block lifts, cement mixers, heaters and tarps, are not required for ICF construction. As for tools, only a handsaw, foam gun, portable rebar cutter and bracing are all that are required for ICF construction. In addition, electricity is not mandatory on an ICF job site.  The elimination of these ongoing site costs from the construction site can be substantial.


Installation Training


Amvic offers full on-site training to builders and developers, plus full technical back-up before, during, and after project completion.

To discuss using the Amvic ICF system further, or to arrange to visit one of our current construction sites, just call us on 045 889276